Expecting and considering a Midwife? Having a low-risk pregnancy?

Expecting and considering a midwife? Having a low-risk pregnancy? Consider delivering at the North Houston Birth Center! I gave birth to my first child in May and had Kathy Vande Giessen as my midwife. We really liked the one-on-one attention and little to no wait time during prenatal visits. Kathy's philosophy, expertise, and support throughout our pre-natal, birth, and post-partum experience were wonderful. The birth center is also located just a 15 minute drive from our home in the Heights. We also loved the immediate skin-to-skin contact, the fact that our child was always with us, never out of our sight for a minute after the birth, and we could bring him home and sleep in our own beds the same day of his birth. We took a tour of the North Houston Birth Center and had a free consultation with Kathy before deciding to deliver there. Below is the info if you're interested. You can also contact me offline with any questions.

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16th Annual BIRTH Fair

Saturday, Oct 7th